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Hyderabad, October 4, 2023 – In a landmark development today, approximately 4,000 dedicated employees of the Employment Guarantee Scheme (EGS) gathered at the residence of Finance Minister Harish Rao to request for the long-awaited implementation of standardized pay scales. Minister Rao, renowned for his pro-employee stance, responded positively to their demands, marking a significant turning point in the campaign for equitable compensation for these essential workers.

The EGS, a flagship program in Telangana aimed at providing employment opportunities and improving rural livelihoods, has been a lifeline for thousands of workers across the state. However, the absence of standardized pay scales has left many employees struggling with financial instability and wage disparities.

In a powerful display of unity, employees from various categories within the EGS (APO’s,TA’s,EC’s,CO’s)  Gathered early this morning to submit their representation and voice their concerns. They emphasized the pivotal role they play in implementing government schemes at the grassroots level and the pressing need for fair compensation.

Finance Minister Harish Rao, known for his commitment to workers’ rights, warmly welcomed the delegation and engaged in a productive dialogue. After hearing their grievances, he reassured them of the government’s unwavering dedication to addressing their concerns. Minister Rao stated, “The hard work and unwavering dedication of EGS employees are invaluable in our quest for rural development. It is only just that their contributions are recognized and rewarded appropriately. We are committed to implementing pay scales that reflect their vital role in society.”

This affirmative response from the Finance Minister has infused hope among EGS employees, who have long awaited the implementation of pay scales. They believe that this step will not only alleviate their financial hardships but also boost their morale, leading to more effective execution of government programs.

The Employment Guarantee Scheme and SERP are cornerstones in the fight against poverty and the enhancement of socio-economic conditions in rural communities. With this government commitment, employees from both organizations can look ahead to a brighter and more secure future.

As discussions proceed, EGS and SERP employees eagerly anticipate concrete steps for implementing the promised pay scales. This development stands as a testament to the government’s acknowledgment of their hard work and dedication in advancing inclusive rural development.

In conclusion, Finance Minister Harish Rao’s affirmative response to the EGS and SERP employees’ demands signifies a significant stride toward achieving fair and equitable compensation for these dedicated workers. As the government works earnestly to resolve this matter, the promise of pay scale implementation kindles hope for a more prosperous future for those at the forefront of rural development in Telangana.

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